18 December 2017

No. 177

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5 December 2017

No. 176

EBA to move from London to Paris, CBI issues settlement agreements, FCA convicts two people involved in operating an illegal investment scheme and 15 central banks confirmed their commitment to the foreign exchange Code of Global Conduct.

20 November 2017

No. 175

Proposals for an EU framework for crowd and peer to peer finance, Pensions Regulator takes 169 employers to court to recover unpaid fines and a new Criminal Justice (Corruption Offences) Bill.

6 November 2017

No. 174

CBI publishes first Systemic Risk Pack, FCA issues first fines under EMIR and SEC publishes three ‘no action’ relief letters in relation to MiFID II obligations.

23 October 2017

No. 173

CBI will offer MiFID Local Licences, ISDA consideres the issue of Brexit and contractual certainty and ESMA received mated from EC to provide recurring reports on the cost and past performance of retail investment, insurance and pension products.

6 October 2017

No. 172

CBI & DoF published a joint feedback statement on CP95, Funding the Cost of Financial Regulation, EBA published its work programme for 2018 and Germany insist the terms of the UK’s ‘divorce’ must be agreed before any extension of the Article 50 period could be discussed.

25 September 2017

No. 171

UK’s ratings a notch to Aa2, CBI issue another prohibition notice, review of Ireland’s Corporation Tax Code published and an EBA discussion paper on significant risk transfer in securitisation.

4 September 2017

No. 170

EU MiFID Regs signed, amendments to the SI II Regs, ECB issues fines totalling €2.5m and ISDA updates position on the BRRD

21 August 2017

No. 169

Brexit position paper on the Customs Union, Investors in Banco Popular launched legal action and proceedings on the LIBOR rigging scandal begin

7 August 2017

No. 168

Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman Act 2017 became law, sweeping new sanctions against North Korea and insider dealer convicted

24 July 2017

No. 167

ECB no plans to reduce economic stimulus programme, results of its peer review and compliance officer fined £75,000

10 July 2017

No. 166

G20 summit, ESMA issues 3 CPs on Prospectus Regulation and AIG pay $150,000 civil liability for 555 apparent violations of sanctions

26 June 2017

No. 165

Brexit negotiations, CBI issue CP and market getting ready for MIFID II

12 June 2017

No. 164

Companies moving out business from London to Europe because of Brexit

30 May 2017

No. 163

Review of the Betting Tax regime, High Court seeking £1.1bn damages & the FX Global Code is published

15 May 2017

No. 162

CBI issues CP on Potential Changes to the Investment Framework for Credit Unions, FRC issues massive fine & FSB issues a peer review on corporate governance

2 May 2017

No. 161

DoF issue CP on Regulation of Crowdfunding, FCA publishes its Mission and Business Plan & ESA sets out the main risks facing the financial system.

18 April 2017

No. 160

CBI publishes thematic inspection of regulatory reporting, EBA issues 3 three sets of guidelines & BoE asks for details on planning for BREXIT

3 April 2017

No. 159

Fines, scandals, final reports, assessment models and more.

20 March 2017

No. 158

Settlement agreements, support for public access to Beneficial Ownership Registers under MLD5 and the FCA issues CP on IDD.

6 March 2017

No. 157

EIOPA's risk dashboard utilised Solvency II data, AIB announced its first dividend since 2008 & settlement agreed with the BHS pensions trustee.

20 February 2017

No. 156

Article 50 triggered, warning on investor share scams, ESMA publishes 2017 risk assessment work programme & CFTC issues a ‘no action’ letter.

23 January 2017

No. 154

CBI issues first Prohibition Notice, Bilateral Agreement on Insurance and Reinsurance Prudential Measures & a call for evidence on Corporate Liability for Economic Crime.

9 January 2017

No. 153

Roundtable discussions, Dear CEO letters, EIOPA issues stress tests results & FCA on more CPs for MiFID II.

Topics covered by Better Regulation include
  • BRRD
  • Banking Structural Reform
  • Basel
  • Benchmarks Regulation
  • Brexit
  • Capital Markets Union
  • Capital Requirements Legislation
  • Central Securities Depositories Regulation
  • Credit Rating Agencies Regulation
  • Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive
  • Dodd-Frank
  • EMIR
  • GDPR
  • Solvency II
  • Insurance Distribution Directive
  • Interchange Fees Regulation
  • Liquidity
  • Market Abuse/Insider Dealing
  • Markets in Financial Instruments Legislation
  • Money Laundering Directives
  • Money Market Funds Regulation
  • Mortgage Credit Directive
  • Payment Services Directive
  • PRIIPs Regulation
  • Prospectus Directive
  • Ring-fencing
  • Securities Financing Transactions Regulation
  • Securitisation Regulation
  • Senior Insurance Managers Regime
  • Senior Managers Regime
  • UCITS Directive