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Financial Services Law

The UK Financial Services Law & Regulation Online service is specifically designed to provide the user with an easy to use and complete one-stop resource for all the regulatory and compliance material a financial services company needs in order to comply with regulatory requirements.


Financial institutions face a complex maze of regulatory requirements and risks. Compliance is critical and mandatory.

Better Regulation helps clients to navigate the labyrinth of legal and regulatory requirements.

'Gives me the peace of mind of knowing I am on top of changes'

This is a unique resource which provides all the documents you will ever need. Every document is consolidated and completely up-to-date with all amendments incorporated into the text of the original document. A history of amendments also provides a link to the previous version of the document so giving every version of a document from its genesis right up to its current most up-to-date position.

With links that can go from definition to definition, from rule to rule and statute to statutory instrument or European Directive to guidance by the regulator or industry body, this is an easy to use time saving resource that anyone can use.


'It makes my life so much easier and relieves stress and worry'

The service is kept completely up-to-date with live feeds of new material. You need never look elsewhere to keep on top of changes and new requirements whether in the UK or Europe. All new documents and any resulting amendments are speedily and seamlessly incorporated into existing documents.

UK Financial Services Law and Regulation Online covers the needs of all industry sectors from Banks, Building Societies, Custodians, Fund Mangers, Insurance Intermediaries, Investment Product Intermediaries, Life Insurers, Non Life Insurers, Pensions Companies, Reinsurers, Restricted Activity Investment Product Intermediaries, Stock Brokers, Third Party Administrators and Trustees.

Our coverage includes:

HM Treasury

All HM Treasury Material:
-  Press Notices
-  Speeches & Statements
-  Progress Reports
-  Bulletins


All relevant European Material - European Directives and Regulations, starting from the Treaty of Rome, and including all Directives on Accounts, Accounting, Audit, Banking, Capital Adequacy, Company Law, Conglomerates, Consumer Credit, Contracts, Distance Marketing, E-Commerce, Groups, Insolvency, Investment Services, Investment, Life Insurance, Listing, Mediation, Merger, MiFiD, Modernisation, Money Laundering, Motor Insurance, Non Life Insurance, Occupational Pensions, Prospectus, Reinsurance, Savings, Solvency, Takeover, Transparency, UCITS, Winding-Up.

European Bodies

Guideline, Commentaries, Publications & Articles from:
-  EBA

Anti-Money Laundering

All relevant:
-  Guidance by Industry Sector
-  International Guidance
-  Statutes, Instruments and Directives.


All relevant:
-  Statutes, Instruments & Directives

UK & International Standards from:
-  FRC
-  ASB
-  ABI
-  APB
-  DTI

Guidance & Commentary on Completing Insurance Returns & Model Accounts


All Legislation, Industry Body Guidance, MAP, Reviews & Reports.

One-stop reference library

The UK Financial Services Law and Regulation Online service provides a complete one-stop reference library for all regulatory and compliance material which allows you to access all the rules and regulations and associated documents by means of one seamless product.

Comprehensive, totally consolidated and up-to-date, the service is:

  • comprehensive
  • consolidated
  • kept up-to-date in real time.

The only reference resource you'll ever need

The UK Financial Services Law and Regulation Online service is the only reference resource you will ever need.

UK Financial Services Law and Regulation Online covers:

  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Friendly Societies
  • Banking
  • Broking
  • Mortgage Firms
  • General Insurance
  • Building Societies

Comprehensive coverage

It contains the complete text of all relevant documents taken from over one hundred sources.

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