Better Regulation provides legal and regulatory information.
It is a comprehensive database of EU and domestic legislation with an extensive library of official publications and expert commentaries.

Consolidated legislation

Legislation is fully consolidated and up-to-date, with all amendments incorporated into the text.


We include documents from regulators and government departments, industry bodies and international organisations plus commentaries and analysis from leading law and accounting firms.

Current awareness

Better Regulation recognises the challenges faced by finance professionals due to the sheer volume of regulatory change. To help understand current trends and prepare for future developments, we publish details of proposed changes to legislation and regulatory change timelines, and synopsis key topic areas.


Find all the information you need on a key subject area, collated and in one place. From CRD IV to Solvency II and MiFID II, Topics contains all the primary and secondary legislation, guidelines and proposals related to that area, as well as a timeline of latest news and developments.

Regulatory change management

We keep you informed of regulatory change via tailored email alerts and the option to download new content into Excel for reporting purposes.

Personalised email updates

Our advanced notification system gives you total control over the email alerts delivered to your inbox.

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